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Dredge Downtime and Production Reporting

    by: Jay Wise     December 12, 2016

Most dredging contractors and sand plant owners think that they have a grasp of the dredge downtime by simply communicating with the operators and staff. Often in my travels I have seen a “downtime” form attached to a clipboard for manual entry of events. This manual form is a good start, but where does it […]

Qualified Integrator Meeting

How to select a qualified System Integrator for your project

    by: Jay Wise     April 2, 2016

System Integrator is a term for a skilled contractor with a specialty in automation and often manufacturing IT.  Kruse Integration is a system integrator.  System integrators, sometimes referred to as control engineers, are found in most major cities and municipalities where industrial facilities are abundant.  System integrators can range from a one-man show or a […]

How do you know if your dredge is really automated? Fallacies of automation

    by: Jay Wise     February 2, 2015

How do you know if your dredge is really automated? Through the many years of automation consulting in the dredging industry, I often hear the phrase “my dredge is automated.” When I inquire as to what they actually have, I get responses such as, we have a production meter or we have DredgePack ™ on […]

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